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LW Buddy Ledwell and his father inspecting lumber truck

At Ledwell, the mission is simple: manufacturing tough, innovative equipment that moves you forward.

Whatever equipment you require for your job, you can depend on Ledwell to meet your needs. We strive for innovation. We meet customers’ challenges with a smile and a guarantee—a promise that we can handle simple to complex equipment requests with expert ingenuity.

We strive for complete customer satisfaction from start to finish and beyond.

You will be met with reliable Ledwell service every step of the way, from front-desk assistance to production-line manufacturing to service after delivery. That’s how we do business.

We have had the same values for our business and products for generations. We believe in the superior quality of our products. They are designed and manufactured to withstand the toughest jobs. The hard-working integrity of our team is what has built and grown Ledwell.

Our legacy started as a lumber company that evolved into a truck and trailer one-stop-shop. Through the years of changes in demand, a few things have remained the same: our expectations of superior quality, our ability to customize for any equipment need, and the high regard in which we hold our people.

As our company has expanded, our Ledwell family has also.

To us, family is more than a last name.

Family is our employees. Family is our customers. Family is our community. At Ledwell, we will treat you like family, with respect, as we work together to create the product you need, the product you want.

Do you value quality, grit, legacy, and family? If so, when it is time to replace aging equipment or purchase new machinery to expand your fleet, think Ledwell.

Think Ledwell tough. Think Ledwell Made.


Learn more about the origins of our mission and values.

Our Mission


Manufacturing tough, innovative equipment that moves you forward.

Our Values






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