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Who doesn’t love when a work day goes smoothly? We do! Fortunately, there are easy ways to make sure that happens, no matter what piece of equipment your using. One consistency across the board, no matter the task at hand, is the need for proper lubrication. Greasing important components can lower the risk of your day being interrupted by machinery malfunctions.

Without greasing, your equipment cannot move properly. Gears will grind, landing gear will stiffen, and so much more. This could end up costing you or your employer a lot of time, money, and grief. The lifespan of your unit could be dwindled down from years to months. Each piece of equipment is different. That’s why it is so important to read your manual for lubrication points, tips and tricks. If you’re not sure, you can always give us a call or check our resources section.

To tackle this preemptively, Ledwell has a wide range of preventative maintenance articles, social media posts, and printed literature to help you understand your equipment and maintain it the right way. Please be sure to always familiarize yourself with any manuals or other literature tied to your equipment.

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