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ledwell bulk haul feed trailers for sale

Ledwell’s Classic Feed Trailer is the best in top-of-line hauling capacity, with drag chain bottom or auger delivery.

Beating other bulk delivery systems’ pellet quality by 15-25%, our Auger Bulk Haul Trailer system is reliable and fast in delivery.

The Classic Bulk Feed Trailer systems for drag chain and auger options are equipped with Ledwell’s signature Torque Converter System. This unique feature prevents your system from overheating and decreases maintenance needs.

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We currently have two bulk haul trailers for sale with the following specifications.

Ledwell 40′ Drag Chain Feed Trailer – Lo Pro

All aluminum construction
40′ Tank length
LoPro Tank Configuration
Eight (8) equal compartments
Rollover tarp top openings
10’ Catwalk (can add full length)
Flat rack & pinon bottom doors
Chain bottom floor delivery w/9″ cross auger
9″ upright auger (Torque-converter hydraulic motor)
9″ x 28′ discharge auger (Torque-converter hydraulic motor)
Manual hydraulic controls – Rear mounted
Wireless remote controls – full function
Air ride suspension

If you are looking for another style bulk feed trailer, we can customize a truck body or trailer to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a lightweight, faster-unloading speed, or quicker overall delivery time – Ledwell has the bulk haul feed trailer for you!

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