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A dump truck is a dump truck. They all, well, dump?

Not exactly.

Picking your equipment depends on the machines’ function and the material you’re moving. All Ledwell Dump Trucks are built for hauling a range of heavy materials, and each piece has its purpose.

We manufacture multiple styles, including; box, demolition, flatbed, lumber, and trash dumps, all of which have a specific solution for a particular problem.

American Manufactured Dump Truck by Ledwell

Box and Tub Dumps are designed for hauling heavy job-site materials, but they differ.

A Box Dump body has a square interior and comes in multiple weight configurations. Our three most popular sizes are three to four-yard, five to six-yard, and 12 to 14-yard capacities. This dump style is for quickly dumping materials, such as dirt, gravel, or other loose items.

Tub Dumps, also known as Demolition Trucks, have rounded body interiors which helps certain materials clear the unit quickly. It speeds up unloading time and produces a cleaner shed of materials. Its lower center of gravity ensures that hauling heavier items is done with strength and stability.

Both are viable options, but it’s essential to understand everything you need going into a job to pick the right product. For example, if your materials are saturated, it might be better to go with a Tub Dump so the materials will slide out effortlessly.

durable Ledwell dump truck for construction

Even our Trash Dump looks much like our Box Dump, but as the name suggests, it’s designed specifically for waste materials.

The bed is elongated to carry more materials, and the doors swing out like barn doors instead of up. The walls of the body stand taller than that of the box dump to ensure that your debris, or other materials, are secure.

These beds might be better for large amounts of lightweight materials, such as leaves or paper.

Our Flatbed and Lumber Dumps are a departure from the popular Dump Truck shape, providing a versatile solution to haul pallets of materials and supplies with the bonus of dumping lumber and rebar right off the back. The removable sideboards also allow you to transport small quantities of dirt and gravel.

Both can be built in many different ways, lengths, and functions and are capable of heavy hauling of similar materials. Still, the body build depends entirely on the job and material.

If you aren’t sure which type of Dump Truck fits your application, call us. We would be happy to find a solution for your situation and get you rolling in the right direction!

Ledwell Flat Bed Dump Trucks
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