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Society shifts, but some things just never change. Looking back at some of our old articles, it’s clear that pride and dedication have always been, and still are, at the heart of Ledwell. Better yet, we’ve learned to take what we know and what we do and apply it in a wide variety of industries. A trailer has use anywhere. One truck body structure might be just a single step from the next. We’re doing what we love and loving what we do – and have been for ages! Buddy Ledwell knew the right direction for Ledwell, he says so below in an article from 1978.


I’m proud to announce that Ledwell is back doing what we do best … building the nations’ finest truck bodies and equipment. During the early seventies we diversified into many areas and “partner” … I’m here to tell you we’re back on the horse we rode in on.

Diversification may be fine for some folks but it kept us away from the things we know and love the most … building truck bodies and equipment for the industries of agriculture, poultry, livestock, lumber, and transportation.

The 1979 year is looking great. The bays in our workshops are full and the men of Ledwell are back out in the field bringing in the information we need to develop new and improved equipment. It’s paying off and we at Ledwell are proud to be back in the thick of things.

Give us a call for literature on our new product lines … I think you’ll see why Ledwell and Son is coming on strong.


After all these years, it turns out he was 100% right. We thrive best in the truck body and trailer industry. We’ve managed to take this skill set and branch out further into the Vacuum, Rental, Material Handling, Construction, Energy, Fire, Waste and Governmental industries. We’ve learned to be diverse, yet stay true to ourselves.

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