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Ledwell Smart Bulk Haul TrailerIn today’s bulk feed delivery industry, operators truly need a trailer that can do it all. Ledwell accepted a challenge to design and build a trailer that addresses the growing demands for trailer safety, performance, bio-security, capacity, and technological automation. The Ledwell team embraced the challenge and combined a legacy of durable and field-proven trailer designs with new technologies and our typical “can do” attitude.

Ledwell is proud to announce that from these efforts, we can provide feed transportation solutions that meet and exceed the growing needs of our customers.

Ledwell Drop Deck Bulk Haul with Smart SystemIntroducing our Ledwell SMART Trailer! Taking our renowned Drop Deck Auger Feed Trailer, we incorporated the SMART system upgrade to include a Transducer, Brain, and SMART Valve. Each piece communicates perfectly to the other to provide optimal pressure. Operating at the speed of light, the Transducer tracks the pressure and converts it to an electrical signal that the Brain can read. The Brain takes that signal and produces an output signal to the SMART Valve. Adjusting the flow or handle movement based on what the Brain tells it, the SMART Valve can maintain a fixed pressure. This incredible process takes a fraction of a nanosecond while achieving maximum flow at any point of unloading.

This on-board computer system monitors and automatically compensates for maximum offloading performance, with a wireless remote without the driver having to leave the cab to unload. Let us build the trailer of the future for you!

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