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One of Ledwell’s longest-serving employees, William Sexton, began his career in the spring of 1986. 

The Feedbody Shop is where he began his career, where he has made bulk haul feed trailers from start to finish a dozen times over.

William explains, “We built feed boxes, keels, skins, and pretty much everything else on a single trailer when I first started working at Ledwell. We build so many trailers today that we needed a dedicated person to construct the feed trailer parts.”

Currently, he is one of those dedicated parts manufacturers. On most days, William makes various pieces, including step and valve boxes. 

He recalls building a reclaim pickup tube to retrofit a decade-old trailer as one of the most interesting projects. 

“Knowing what was needed and the knowledge of fabricating such a piece made me realize just how much Ledwell has advanced in technology and ease of operation,” said William.

William has been married to his wife Debbie for 43 years. The couple has two sons and five grandchildren. Apart from spending time with his family, he enjoys fishing for white perch and catfish and riding motorcycles.

In the last 35 years, he has realized that the people he works with at Ledwell aren’t just coworkers but family. 

It’s been a humbling experience for William to see such support from fellow employees when a coworker experiences a loss. “The compassion I saw shown by my coworkers made me realize that Ledwell truly is a family.”

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