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Serving Ledwell for 22 years, Tim Snider started his career working in Brake and Shear and remained there the majority of his time before making his way to the Machine Shop. His current position is the Pattern Torch foreman. His main projects include cutting parts for Feedbody, Hydratail, Vacuum, and many other pieces of equipment.

“I can remember my first day at Ledwell. Mr. Ledwell came to my shop and called me over to him and said ‘Boy you haven’t worked hard today, you aren’t even sweating!’ I loved that man, he was very funny.” Starting at Ledwell when he was 18 years old, Tim has grown up at Ledwell and loves the support and family he has gained working for such a great company.

Tim and his wife of 14 years, Angie, have a daughter Morgan, 13 and a son Talan, 8. They enjoy going camping, fishing and taking weekend trips as a family. “I will always be a kid at heart, so I just love doing things like dressing up for Halloween with my kids,
coaching t-ball, playing video games, and basically anything my kids want to do.”

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