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Our June Employee Spotlight is a devoted employee at Ledwell Machinery, Steve Fant. He has been with Ledwell for almost 9 years as a small engine repairman for our machinery location. Steve is happily married to his wife Angie, and they have 4 children. He has 6 dogs that are considered part of the family. He loves to play pool in his spare time.

Steve can be described as patient, dedicated, and friendly. One of the most challenging obstacles Steve encounters with his day to day job is communication. Although, he has learned a great deal from the different perspectives of his colleagues.

One of Steve’s favorite things about working at Ledwell Machinery is he never gets bored. “There’s always plenty to do.” He takes pride in working with a company that is loyal and puts quality first. Steve has enjoyed being a part of the growth of Ledwell Machinery over the years. Watching everything develop into what it is now has been rewarding. From the customers to the product line – it has been a gift to experience. Thank you, Steve, for your dedication!

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