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January 1986 started a new year and a career for Steve Carter. When he started at Ledwell 31 years ago, Steve ran parts to the different shops and parts counter. Currently he is over Shipping and Receiving in the Parts Warehouse. Steve receives anything from a small bolt to a large vacuum pump that comes into the plant. He also ships everything, besides trucks and trailers, all over the United States and overseas. Steve says, “My favorite part of my job, it’s always changing. Shipping always has new forms or rules. When I started every order was handwritten, and now it is all electronic. A lot of things have changed over the years, in shipping and receiving, except one thing, I still enjoy my job.”

Steve and his wife, Tammy, of 30 years have three children. Whitney and her husband Mike live in Oklahoma with their son Brayden and another on the way. Asilyn and her husband, Chris live in South Carolina. Steve and Tammy’s son Hayden lives in Texarkana.

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