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The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) is America’s Feed Industry representative body, ensuring that current business, policy, and other related items are suitable for the industry as well as those people in and around it. They represent company types from feed production to equipment manufacturing, as established in 1985. The goal of this foundation is to provide “…contribution to food and feed safety, nutrition and the environment, and it plays a critical role in the production of healthy, wholesome meat, milk, fish and eggs.” It’s for this reason that the organization recognizes a facility of the year annually.

AFIA and Feedstuffs Feed Facility of the Year (FFY) program picks a U.S. facility to stand as a model for all other facilities. The chosen facility has gone above and beyond in the area of health, safety, and more. Other companies are encouraged to compare themselves and shoot for their excellence. In opposition to previous year, 2017 brought an opportunity for all related facilities to become a member, deeming it okay for “…non-AFIA members…” to participate “…in the bench-marking portion of the program…”

On June 10th, the program began accepting applications for 2019 nominees. You must turn in your filled out application by September 6. The application fee for members is $100 while non-members pay $250. For more information, visit AFIA.

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