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Rene Antillon has been working at Ledwell fourteen years. He currently works in the Feed Body Shop, but has spent time working in the Truck Shop, Hydraulic Shop, Parts Shop, Tank Shop, Machine Shop and at Ledwell Farm.

Rene’s main focus is working on new projects that require precise measurements. He also teaches new employees how to weld and all he has learned through the years.

“My favorite part about my job is doing new and different project and being satisfied about my work quality.”

Outside of work, Rene likes spending time with his family, grilling, relaxing and working on his farm. He has been married to his wife, Belia, for seventeen years and they have two children, Lex (17) and Lilian (15).

“Rene is a very dependable worker and takes pride in putting out quality parts.” – Mike Harris, Feed Body Shop Foreman

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