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Raymundo Estrada aspired to utilize his hands to operate complex mechanical equipment as a kid.  Coming to America as a young adult to work, he has adapted to his environment and learned different skill sets that set him apart.

As a welder at Ledwell since 1992, Raymundo enjoys what he does daily because of the fast-paced routine, overcoming challenges, and working with talented people.

Raymundo works in the Truck Shop, where he and another partner work together on one truck at a time. They install the PTO short for Power Take Off, connect the hydraulic tank to the control valves, and install the hydraulic cylinders for lifting the truck body. 

Ledwell Employee Spotlight - Raymundo

He shared that, “We learn to be knowledgeable in multiple areas. If my partner and I are on different ends, we switch the next day so that if the other is gone, we don’t slow production waiting on him to come back. We can get the job done no matter what. That is one of the reasons I enjoy working here!” 

One of Raymundo’s many great attributes is his open-mindedness in working, teaching, and learning from others.

“Ledwell has made it easy to communicate, understand, and be part of a family,” Estrada expresses. 

Apart from his day job, Raymundo loves nature and enjoys hiking and running. Boxing is his favorite sport to watch.

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