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Back in 2017, Ledwell renovated one of their manufacturing shops and converted the workroom into a Powder Coating Shop. This shop has three areas for each step in the
powder coating process to create a heartier and cleaner finish. The three C’s of the powder coating process include cleaning, coating and curing. Powder coating begins with a three
stage wash system to clean, remove rust and rinse each part thoroughly. Once the pieces are completely cleaned and dry, the piece is moved to one of three dry spray booths to
receive color. There is a bay for white, black, and any other color. This arrangement allows for collection of the white and black power to recycle and reduce waste.

Each part is grounded negative while the powder is expelled from the gun positive, creating a reaction for the powder to stick to all sides of the part. The final step of powder coating is baking the part for 20 to 50 minutes in a large oven. This will melt and cure the powder coating to the pieces and form a hard, uniform finish. Once the parts and pieces come out of the oven and cool enough to handle, they are ready to go – which is a major benefit of this entire process.

One of the advantages powder coating possesses over liquid paint is an added elastic finish that is less prone to bruises, cuts or scratches. Additionally, you will receive a quick turnaround from start to finish on powder coated parts due to a faster curing cycle and less clean-up.

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