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In an effort to provide continued product solutions that meet your needs and expectations, Ledwell is pleased to offer Rotobec Mobile Grapple Loaders in conjunction with our various body choices. Ledwell’s long standing run in the business of truck body and trailer manufacturing means that we’ve handled enough products to know what works and what will get your job done efficiently. Pairing our custom built products with Rotobec attachments is a smart way to reach your companies best potential.

The ELITE is without question the toughest, most versatile, longest lasting knuckle boom loader of its size. The Elite is used in every industry in a variety of applications. Its precision and agility make it the ideal machine for everything from log loading to railway maintenance and construction. No matter what the application, the ELITE loader is fit for the job.

With the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership, the ELITE is quickly becoming the favorite of owners and operators around the globe. Available in a variety of configurations, Ledwell and Rotobec provide solutions for every application. If you are looking to lift and transport more in less time than ever before, look no further, Ledwell and the ELITE is your only option.

Ledwell Demolition Dump Bed with grapple loader by Rotobec
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