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The agricultural industry is full of jobs, tools, materials, and more all designed to promote the production of food for animals, and for you. A big part of doing so is making sure you’re doing it the right way – with the right equipment. For example, Ledwell offers three different types of bulk haul delivery systems for feed customers to choose from. Picking the right feed truck or trailer might be the link to your next happy customer. Ledwell offers several versions of unique feed hauling equipment that do one thing … provide you the best feed delivery possible!Ledwell Auger Feed Trailer


Ledwell offers two separate floor systems to pick from – Auger and Drag Chain. An Auger system will carry your feed using a corkscrew-like design to move feed through the bottom of the feed body or feed trailer. A Drag Chain floor system works more like a conveyor belt, moving your feed along a pan underneath the compartments. This provides a better-quality pellet by eliminating the cutting a grinding associated with some auger systems. Once the feed has reached the rear of the trailer, the vertical auger and discharge boom use an auger to convey the feed within tubes. It’s important to note that a complete Drag Chain system tends to remain cleaner than a complete Auger system, however, is easier to clean because it’s nooks and crannies are easier to get to.Ledwell Drag Chain Feedbody


Both options offer their advantages and disadvantages for each end user, but for larger feed, like range cubes, you almost always want to consider a Paddle Wagon. The floor system installed is a Drag Chain design, so from the start you know the output is going to be of higher quality, and better held together – a fantastic feature for your larger animals. What makes the real difference, however, is the discharge system. A Paddle Wagon uses a paddle style discharge boom instead of the auger. These easily move the pellets through the boom without compromising its form.


In the end, the necessary feed equipment depends entirely on the needs of the end user. It’s important to be aware of and understand the subtle differences between the three equipment pieces and to make an educated choice. For more information, visit the Bulk Haul section on our website, or give us a call today!

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