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Not every office has a ray of sunshine, and it sure is lucky when you find one! We picked ours a little over eight years ago. Lisa McEuen came to Ledwell to assist with our help desk and is now a very valued member of our Accounting Department in Accounts Receivable. Over the years, Lisa has been a part of many departments, including reception and transportation. Her personal motto is “always go above and beyond,” and that she does. In each department Lisa has worked in she’s brought dedication, a helping hand, and smiles for everyone.

She has always been a team player. In fact, she believes the best lesson she’s learned during her time here is that sometimes it takes an entire office to get the job done – but it pays off! Through that, she’s made many friends, not only with our Ledwell team but with customers as well, which just so happens to be her favorite part of the job – getting to know the customers. While concentrating on getting all her paperwork filled out and done correctly, she manages to harbor a whimsical spirit and bring a calming presence to her environment.

Lisa wanted to be an elementary school teacher when she was younger, which might be why she’s so good with kids. In her spare time, she enjoys participating in children’s ministries at church, camping with her family, or spending her paycheck at Hobby Lobby! Needless to say, the office wouldn’t be the same without her. We appreciate everything she does for us and our customers. Thank you, Lisa!

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