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Ledwell’s location in Fayetteville, North Carolina opened in October 2008 and has been growing ever since. The East Coast Ledwell facility now has 5 full-time employees covering sales, parts and service for all area customers. The branch was opened to make parts and repairs more accessible for Ledwell’s East Coast customers.

Dale Kidd was hired on first as Sales Manager to open the office. James “Mac” McIver was hired shortly after as Parts Manager. Later that year, shop equipment started arriving and Ledwell Service Center, Fayetteville NC was in operation. Shop employees from Texarkana went to Fayetteville for weeks at a time to setup equipment and start repairs for the existing customer base. As business grew, they added 3 full-time shop employees: Brandon Kelley, Milan Kepic and Zack Beard. Brandon transferred to Fayetteville from Texarkana where he has been working for Ledwell for the past 13 years. Milan was previously employed locally in the Fayetteville area and Zack made the most recent move from Texarkana to Fayetteville to work for Ledwell.

The shop in Fayetteville offers sales and service for all of our customer’s needs. They also do repairs, PM programs, truck mounts and other general maintenance.

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