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Ledwell employees James Sullivan and Brian Satterfield have earned their certification to install XRS Mobile Fleet Management systems.

XRS (formerly Xata) is the only Mobile Fleet Optimization Platform, matching rapidly-changing mobile technology stride-for-stride. Fleet optimization is easier with seamless, automated reporting of fleet performance indicators: Fuel consumption, hard braking, shift patterns, idle engine wear, PTO usage, trip reporting and much more.

All trucking companies receive a CSA score based on compliance, safety, and accountability. The CSA score is used by insurance companies to base or adjust truck insurance rates and shippers are able to ensure they are using a reputable company to haul and deliver their products based on the scores.

Some of the performance factors XRS will measure for you to enhance fuel efficiency, fleet utilization and accident prevention, along with compliance are:
-Automated fuel tax reporting
-Driver scorecards to manage performance from the bottom up
-Fleet scorecards to manage performance from the top down
-Fuel economy and idle time
-Speed tracking
-Hard braking and high speed braking incidents
-Black Box reporting for accident reconstruction
-Engine fault code reporting
-Stop times
-Utilization patterns
-Real-time mapping of drivers and vehicles
-Driver time clock tracking

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