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Larry Plant started working at Ledwell in 1971 when there was about 30 employees. “When I interviewed, Mr. Ledwell asked me if I could weld. I said ‘No, sir.’ He asked me if I could use a cutting torch. I said ‘No, sir.’ He asked me if I was a mechanic. I said ‘No, sir.’ He then asked me when I could start. I said ‘Right now.'”

After spending two days in the feed body shop proving he could not weld or cut, he moved to shipping and receiving. He spent two years in shipping and receiving before moving to the Parts Counter where Larry has spent the majority of his career at Ledwell. Larry’s main focus is helping customers order parts for the various types of equipment Ledwell manufactures. His favorite part about his job is meeting new customers and interacting with all types of people.

Larry has been married to his wife Vicki for 41 years and they have two children, a son Brad and a daughter Ashley. When he is not a work Larry enjoys hunting and fishing.

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