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Kevin started in the Feedbody Shop in 1983. After twenty years, he moved to the Trailer Shop to help build Hydratail Trailers, and in 2005 became a foreman.

Kevin said, “The best thing about my job is the variety of equipment you can build and the friendships you can build with your co-workers.” Although he works in the Trailer Shop, Kevin assists in building Feed Trailers, Dump Beds, or whatever is needed at the time.

He has two daughters, Lenzie, 23 and Kailyn, 18 with his wife Lorie. Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, but also likes to get away to go fishing and hunting. When he has time, Kevin does a bit of wood working.

The most memorable project Kevin has worked on was an End Dump Trailer. This trailer was built to be very heavy-duty to run on icy roads in Alaska. “Turned out to be really cool,” Kevin said.

He is proud to work in the Trailer Shop along excellent craftsmen and the products they build every day.

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