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Kenny Whitecotton has worked as a welder in the Feedbody Shop since he came to Ledwell twelve years ago. He started working for Ledwell right out of school and gained all of his training onsite.
He really takes pride in his work and loves seeing sheets of metals, parts and pieces transformed into a finished product. He favors working on dump beds and feed bodies but “really likes it all”. Kenny enjoys working with the group of guys in his shop and has been working with most of them since he started. He also gets to work with his brother every day which he sees as a plus.
In his free time, Kenny loves to spend time outdoors hunting and fishing. He has been married to his wife, Mindy, for four years and has one daughter, Morgan.

Whitecotton’s supervisor, Feedbody Shop Foreman Mike Harris, says, “Kenny is very dependable. You can give him any job, and he takes care of business – you don’t have to worry about him doing it and doing it right. He is truly great at his job.”

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