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Dedicated is one way to describe Juan Maldonado.

Juan has worked in the Electronics Department at Ledwell for over a decade. Almost every piece of equipment that Ledwell develops has Juan’s handy work. 

Through the years, he has built many wireless remotes that operate feed trailers and rollbacks.

“Building the circuit boards for our remotes has been the most challenging task over the years. They are very delicate,” Juan said; “it’s amazing to me that a small piece I put together goes on to operate trucks and trailers.”

Working on remotes has been his favorite project to date.

Presently, he is assembling air solenoids and wiring harnesses for moving parts on equipment.

Juan and his wife of 26 years, Jandi, have three children and one grandchild. They have dedicated their lives to giving back to the community in the form of fostering.  

“It has been a blessing to help families when they need it the most,” Juan said. 

Not only is Juan a dedicated employee, but he is also dedicated to his community.

Ledwell Employee Spotlight - September 2021
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