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Building a strong, educated community is the first stepping stone to creating a safe, supportive environment for future generations. It takes a lot of effort and encouragement sometimes for individuals to flourish, and that’s what Texarkana’s Dragon Boat Festival is all about. This year, Wadley Regional Medical Center is presenting this event, benefiting HandsOn Texarkana, an organization that offers volunteer opportunities and group education across multiple topics. Their goal is to inspire the community and increase local contributions to those areas in need. To learn more about their mission, visit their site.

If you’re looking for a fun way to contribute to their cause, then look no further! This year’s Dragon Boat Festival will be held at Bringle Lake Park on May 18, starting at 9 am and ending around 4 pm. All you need is 20 participants. There will be food, music, and fun for the whole family! Bring a lawn chair, kick back, and root for your favorite team alongside your cohorts.

Ledwell Employees will be competing on two different teams – The Boggy Creek Monsters and The Bootleggers, both named after classic films produced by L. W. Ledwell. Last year, our teams did an outstanding job, winning in two different categories. Our main goal is to have fun, and support those around us with family fun and friendly competition.

To find out more about the race, visit Texarkana Dragon Boat Festival website. Be sure to post your favorite selfies and other photos of the event and of your team getting ready for the big day!

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