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Meet John Williams, an integral part of the Ledwell family since 2005. From day one, he took on the challenging role of handling electrical maintenance, demonstrating his commitment to the company’s success. 

John’s favorite projects at Ledwell involve installing cranes, a task he has accomplished approximately 40 times over the years.

He meticulously wires all the components together and programs them to operate seamlessly, making work more efficient for our employees. His passion for this work shines through in every crane he sets up.

At Ledwell, John’s role is not without its challenges. He faces intermittent opportunities that require his expertise to resolve swiftly and efficiently. His ability to tackle these issues head-on showcases his problem-solving skills and dedication to ensuring the smooth operation of our equipment.

John Williams - Ledwell Employee Spotlight

Before joining Ledwell, John spent a significant part of his life serving our nation.

He proudly served for ten years in the Navy, showcasing his determination and commitment to a higher purpose. His military background instilled discipline, precision, and a strong work ethic, qualities that have translated seamlessly into his role at Ledwell.

Outside of work, John’s passion for marine life takes center stage. He has several aquariums, including one housing elegant angel fish and another featuring vibrant tiger barbs. The most unique part of his aquariums is his collection of coral from the Indian Sea, collected while deployed in the area.

John draws inspiration from a higher power, relying on his faith to guide him through life’s challenges.

“ Knowing someone is there to carry the weight of the world for you is so inspiring,” he said.

John Williams is not just an employee but a dedicated team member who embodies Ledwell’s values. His journey from the Navy to our family at Ledwell showcases his dedication to a higher purpose and his determination to make a difference in everything he does. We are proud to have John as a part of our team, and we look forward to many more years of his exceptional contributions.

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