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Watersprings Ranch is a non-profit organization in Texarkana, Arkansas, that helps needy children. Founded in 1989 by David and Carla Whatley, the goal of the Ranch is to bring children together and help them support each other, to understand they are loved, not only by those around them but by God.

Watersprings Ranch houses almost 50 children at a time on their land. They operate as a Christian-based residential group home that extends their helping hands to children of all backgrounds. Their largest legacy resides in building safe, educational, and happy homes for children who have not had that in their past. Watersprings Ranch provides extracurricular activities, education, therapy services, and special needs services for all children in the program who need them. The goal is to provide them with a normal childhood. More than anything, the kids need to be kids, and that’s the message of the Watersprings Ranch philosophy. They are privately funded, using donations from those in the community to build a foundation for the kids. Ledwell employees, along with many other community leaders, have donated time, resources, and more to the children of this facility.

To learn more about Watersprings Ranch, please visit their website.

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