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This year celebrates the 20th anniversary for Doyle working at Ledwell. He currently works operating the forklift, unloading trucks and moving materials from shop to shop. He enjoys getting to work outside and talking to everyone in the different shops. Doyle remembers the time he quit working for Ledwell many years ago to go to Guam; “Mr. Ledwell would always joke with me about buying me a ticket to go back to Guam”.

“Doyle has done everything asked of him for as long as I’ve known him,” explains Ken Coltharp, Machine Shop Foreman.

When not working, Doyle enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and having cook-outs with friends. He has a wife and two kids. “The Ledwell’s are some of the best people to work for. They will do anything to help you.”

Ledwell Employee Spotlight - Doyle Stewart
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