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Eddie Cokeley has worked at Ledwell for 25 years. He is one of those rare cases where he has worked in the same shop, Feedbody, his entire career. While there, Eddie has still managed to work on other types of equipment besides feed trailers. Included in the array of equipment he has worked on are tub dump trucks, water tanks, lumber dumps, and Haliburton floats. “There is a different opportunity to work on every day at Ledwell,” according to Eddie.

One of his most memorable projects was working on an Orange County Chopper trailer. His most recent project, developing the specifications for the industry revolutionizing Low Center of Gravity feed trailer has become one project Eddie will never forget.

“Years ago on our pay stubs there was a moto, ‘Work isn’t work if you like it.’ I have thoroughly enjoyed working at Ledwell and Son over the past 25 years. Building feedbodies and a variety of other products has given me the opportunity to develop expertise in the trade. It has been a joy, not work.”

During his free time, Eddie enjoys spending time with his family, especially playing with his grandbabies. He loves to grow flowers in his garden and go hunting for hogs.

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