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This year celebrates 25 years at Ledwell for Duane Knowles. He has worked in the Parts Department since day one and loves it. Interacting with people from all over the United States and different shops around Ledwell is Duane’s favorite part of his job. Duane works half of his time in the office helping walk-in customers and those who call in to order parts. The other half of his time is spent visiting and delivering parts to customers South and East of Texarkana.

Duane is married to Kim and they have a daughter, Kristi. He enjoys cooking on his Traeger Grill, camping and fishing at Lake Wright Patman.

When asked his most memorable story while working at Ledwell Duane said, the first day I came to Ledwell to apply for a job, Mr. Ledwell asked me where I was working. I told him the paper mill. He said he could tell and that I was lazy, making too much money and didn’t need me. He hired me anyway. Since that day I count it an honor to be a part of the Ledwell team.”

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