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In Ledwell’s Feedbody shop, Chris Osborne is a seasoned craftsman. Since 2014, he’s been hands-on, welding parts and assembling bulk feed trailers from start to finish. Chris takes pride in building a beautiful and functional product.

Chris’s dedication isn’t just about getting the job done – it’s about tackling challenges, especially the unusual ones. He enjoys an opportunity to solve a problem.

Employee Spotlight - Chris Osborne

“We value his leadership in the shop,” Ryan Whitehead, Feedbody Supervisor, said, “Chris is a hard worker and takes pride in his work.”

Beyond welding, Chris has mastered a skill not listed in any manual – patience. He says, “I’ve learned the value of staying calm under pressure.”

Chris embodies determination and resolve, setting an example in the Feedbody shop and with his family. Married to Chelsey, they have two lively girls, ages eight and six. Chris is an avid hunter and fisherman and takes on every outdoor challenge except for ducks – as he explains: “I’m just not a fan.”

Each weld on Chris Osborne’s projects tells a story, and his story is one of purpose, craftsmanship, and family.

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