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This past April was the 20th year anniversary mark for Chris Kuepker, also known as “Special K”. Chris became a Ledwell employee in 1992 and has been a huge asset to the Feed Body shop ever since.
Over the years Chris has had the opportunity to work with many different people and go home with some funny, if not slightly scary, stories. Chris’ favorite part of his job is “working on new trailers and figuring out a new and better way to build them.” Innovation and constant improvement are how Ledwell continues to excel in the manufacturing business. He says his least favorite part is “working on repairs.” He is a hard working employee and gets along with everyone in the shop.
Chris is married with two children, two grandchildren, and two step-grandchildren. He is also a foster parent. In his free time, Chris likes going to watch baseball and softball games and when he can, he gets even closer to the action as an umpire. He also enjoys doing is fixing up old cars – a hobby that compliments his day job.
“Chris, to me and other employees, is our shop engineer. He is a very dependant worker and has exceeding knowledge in all parts of the Feed Body Shop. Chris is also willing to help people here at the plant and in the outside world.” – Mike Harris, Feed Body Foreman

Ledwell Employee Spotlight
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