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Andy Squillante provides outstanding work as a Ledwell engineer and electrical consultant. He brings all types of hydraulic and mechanical skills to the job that he learned from his previous work experience. Andy’s past work as a technical salesman gave him the foundation for the work he does at Ledwell today. At Ledwell, Andy oversees the Electronics Department and helps design many components of your favorite equipment, making sure they all work efficiently and consistently. Some of these items include our severe duty coolers, hydraulic lift systems and our specialized remote controls.

To him, Ledwell means family, integrity, and financial stability. His personal motto is “Every day you wake up unemployed,” because he believes that with every workday you have to prove why you are here. He enjoys all facets of the industrial world and has gained a real appreciation for manufacturing lines. In his spare time, Andy likes collecting antiques, exercising, watching college football, and spending time with his seven grandchildren. All in all, Andy loves to keep busy and make sure that he’s always working toward an end solution!

Ledwell Employee Spotlight - January 2019
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