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Ledwell MaxTilt Trailer for sale


As trusted partners, we want to provide you with the information you need to get the job done.

Ledwell leads the pack when it comes to providing innovative and award-winning solutions for the rental industry.

Here at Ledwell, we understand that inventory availability equals uptime for your customer. You can count on Ledwell to provide truck bodies and trailers with the shortest lead times in the industry. United Rentals can count on Ledwell to always deliver with the most extensive in-stock inventory of chassis and quick lead times.

Whatever the needs of your branch are, Ledwell can help you find a customized solution. Our team actively assists United Rentals in sourcing the necessary trucks, trailers, ramps, and equipment they need to serve their customers best.

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Best-selling Rental Trucks & Trailers

Water Trucks

Known for performance, durability, and extended lifespan.

Loading Ramps

The perfect addition to any yard.


A wide range of heavy duty trailers that handle the most challenging of loads.

Crash Trucks

Built for safety.

Lube Buddy Trucks

Cut down service time by taking your fuel and lube service directly to your work-site.

Ledwell provides us with exceptional service and response.

Craig N.

Equipment Resources

Haul Just About Anything 1:10

Our patent-pending HydraTilt Truck can haul just about anything including man lifts, excavators, track loaders, containers and everything in between.

Loading Ramp Powered By The Sun 0:27

Let the power of the sun do the hard work! With the Solar Lift option, you can lift and lower your ramp with the push of a button.

Ledwell Water Trucks 5:28

We have built thousands of Water Trucks over the years, and we know what it takes to get the job done.

Lift Higher: The MaxTilt Trailer 0:27

Meet our highest-tilting deck trailer ever! With a main deck that raises up to 32 degrees and creates little to no break over, the MaxTilt Trailer is a powerful solution




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