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This month, Ledwell would like to give a big round of applause to Tony Carillo, our employee of the month for March! Tony has been with us for 29 years and counting. He’s a ray of sunshine – and that’s saying a lot considering our Texas location! He loves joking with his cohorts. In fact, his personal mantra is “me good,” a phrase he says circulates as an inside joke between himself and the rest of the guys in his shop.

He currently works in our Trailer Shop as a welder, helping develop new techniques and designs to push our equipment to the next level. When asked his fondest career memory, he recalls building Gooseneck Trailers and devising a system for locking and unlocking headboards to the trailers. He’s a part of Ledwell progression and always will be.

Tony has 4 children with his wife of 32 years, and 5 grandchildren. He says that they bring him the most joy in life. He wants to always be a grandfather, because his grandchildren keep him happy – which keeps him going each day!

His can-do attitude, respectful personality, and the pride he has in his work is what has gotten Tony where he is today. Tony has mentioned his affinity for Ledwell, saying “I love when Steve tells me good eye, Tony.” Well, Tony, we couldn’t do it without you and the rest of the our company family behind us every step of the way. Congratulations!

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