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Sean has worked in the Break and Shear Shop for the past 9 years other than the few months he spent in the Saw Shop after breaking his leg in a skydiving accident. He is responsible for producing parts for almost every project that Ledwell is involved in.

“My favorite part about my job is the hands-on aspect. When I’m driving down the road and I see a water tank, rollback, feed body, or pretty much anything with the Ledwell name on it, it’s kind of neat knowing that I had some type of hand in building that piece of equipment.”

When not working, Sean spends as much time with his son, Aiden (6), as possible. They love playing baseball and going to Rangers games together. Sean also hunts, fishes and collects sports memorabilia.

Sean’s most memorable moment at Ledwell occurred when he first started working for the company. “Mr. Ledwell picked me up outside the Feed Body Shop and ask me to help him close some gates. In that time, he shared his love and passion for Ledwell with me. Although it was a short ride and visit, he opened my eyes and showed me that there is more to Ledwell than just a place that I show up to every day to do a job. Family and passion built this company.”

“I’m always proud to say ‘Ledwell’ when asked where I work!”

“Sean is a very dependable and hard worker. He is really good at what he does and very talented. I am proud to have him in my department. ” – Johnny Goll

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