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Ricky Green has worked at Ledwell since 1974 in the Trailer shop. He did venture out to the Truck shop and Feedbody at times when help was needed. Ricky’s main project in the Trailer shop is to design and build each new Hydratail trailer. His favorite part about working at Ledwell is designing a new project and watching the finished equipment leave with its new owner.

Ricky has many stories to share but the first one that always comes to mind  includes a late night and flying feed. “We were working late one night trying to get a feed body ready to leave out. When we turned on the discharge and feed went everywhere. Mr. Ledwell was standing close to where feed was falling. He and all of us were dodging the feed that went flying everywhere.”

Ricky likes to hunt and cook during his free time. He also has a small non-profit business he runs out of his shop at home.

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