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At Ledwell, we’re all about celebrating the grit and grind of our team. Today, we’re spotlighting Luis Rojas, who has been a part of Ledwell since 2011. 

Luis works in the Paint department, where he’s been making our equipment look flawless for over a decade. Since the beginning of his Ledwell career, he’s been working his magic with precision. He enjoys painting all types of equipment that come through the department.

His favorite piece of equipment to paint? Trailers. He takes pride in making these enormous beasts of the road shine. His attention to detail and passion for his work are evident in every trailer he works on.

When asked about the most challenging part of his job, Luis emphasized the importance of taping. It’s a task that demands time and precision to ensure the paint stays intact where it shouldn’t. Luis knows the significance of meticulous work, and he doesn’t compromise on quality.

Outside of work, Luis enjoys spending quality time with his family. He’s a father of three sons, and together with his wife, Betty, they love to go on family bike rides. It’s a fantastic way for the Rojas family to bond and enjoy the outdoors.

Before joining Ledwell, Luis worked as a valet driver, a job he found interesting. “I enjoyed driving all the different types of cars,” he recalls. This experience undoubtedly shaped his work ethic and attention to detail, which he now brings to his position at Ledwell.

Through the years, Luis learned a lesson you can’t pick up from any manual: “To get something good, you’ve got to put in 100%.” This isn’t just about his job; it’s the life philosophy he lives by. His kids are his driving force, inspiring him to be a better person and set the bar high – a spirit that runs through everything he does at Ledwell.

Luis Rojas is not just an employee at Ledwell; he’s an essential part of our family. His unwavering commitment to quality and his passion for painting make Ledwell equipment stand out. We’re proud to have him on our team, and we can’t wait to see the bright future he continues to paint for us. Thank you, Luis, for your hard work and dedication!

Luis Rojas - Ledwell Employee Spotlight
Employee Spotlight - Luis Rojas
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