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Eric has been a Ledwell employee, working in the truck shop, for nearly 14 years. Before Eric came to Ledwell, he worked at a highway and transportation company as a maintenance man. That experience helped him leap right into work here at Ledwell and gave him a foundation to plug into.

Over the years, Eric has proven indispensable. He’s one of Ledwell’s go-to guys when we have questions about most any product. Eric has gained broad knowledge about Ledwell equipment, from our vacuum line to our agriculture products. As a matter of fact, he says the two things he’s gained while working at Ledwell are a lot of knowledge and a lot of hair loss! He enjoys all aspects of Ledwell, so given the chance to move somewhere else in the company, he says he’d be happy anywhere.

Eric married his wife, Brandy, thirteen years ago and has a two-year-old daughter named Shiloh. He loves being with his family, and he loves that Ledwell is on the same page in that respect. He has a personal farm that he enjoys working on in his free time, leading him to be a helpful, productive, and easy-going guy.

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