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Ledwell is proud to spotlight Don Fox, a member of our Quality Control Team. His dedication and expertise make him invaluable to our company.

Don’s career at Ledwell started in 2006 in the Machine Shop, where he quickly became a natural. Despite having no prior knowledge of programming CNC machines, Don took on the challenge. It wasn’t long before he mastered the art of writing code to instruct the machines, transforming raw materials into perfectly crafted parts for our equipment.

Don has always strived for excellence, taking great pride in his work. His commitment earned him a crucial role in Quality Control, performing DOT inspections with efficiency.

When asked about his work in Quality Control, Don beamed enthusiastically, “I enjoy the fast-paced nature of the job; it keeps me on my toes and offers the chance to solve different challenges.”

Ledwell Employee Spotlight August 2023 - Don Fox

Don treasures his family above all else. He has been married to his wife Sheri for 16 years. He enjoys the time spent with his family, which includes three sons and four grandchildren – with one more on the way! Taking every opportunity to create lasting memories with the family often results in camping adventures during his free time.

When asked about his inspirations, Don fondly recalls Mr. Buddy, a mentor who impacted him.

“Mr. Buddy embodied the same work ethic as my father: getting the job done right and done once,” he said. This guiding principle has become a foundation of Don’s work, stressing the importance of being safe, accurate, and responsible.

At Ledwell, Don Fox is more than a great employee; he embodies our values. Through his dedication to excellence, passion for his craft, and devotion to his family, Don exemplifies the qualities that make our company thrive. We are truly honored to have Don as part of our team.

Ledwell Employee Spotlight August 2023
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