International Truck with Ledwell HydraTilt Bed

HydraTail Truck

Ideal for operating in urban areas, the HydraTilt Truck is the piece of equipment that will make transporting easier. This truck works similar to our Hydratail Truck, but with an added bonus of a tilting main deck. The HydraTilt has a low ride height for easy access to tie-down and for hauling more substantial equipment. With little to no break-over, it’s perfect for low ground clearance equipment. Utilizing our unified hinge provides quicker deployment, and the required loading space is reduced. Ledwell’s HydraTilt Truck is unmatched in hauling containers and non-powered equipment.

What you can expect from us:
• Shortest lead times in the industry for truck bodies and trailers
• Largest in-stock chassis inventory
• Priority service before, during and after the sale

What we can do for you:
• Customization to fit specific customer specs
• Provide updates throughout the manufacturing process
• Continuous innovation

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