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It is essential that the chassis of a truck can support the load it is hauling. We have years of experience matching chassis to bodies. If you have any questions about your customized vehicle, we can answer them. If you have an existing medium- or heavy-duty truck body, we can mount it on one of our new or used chassis.
Used truck chassis are also available, providing you with an affordable way of building the equipment you need. Simply pair any truck body with a used truck chassis and you’re good to go.

Product Types

Tractor Rig Up

Industry-Specific Tractor Rig-Ups

Our custom tractor rig-up service prepares your new or used tractor for work at any job site. In the field, our superior hydraulic pumps and systems remain reliable and cost-effective. Tractor Wet Kits from Ledwell can also be used in multiple industries including oil, transportation, and bulk haul.
We are your solution for reliable tractor rig-ups.

Thank you for all of the exceptional support you have given us, it has contributed significantly to our success.

Brian MelaniThompson Machinery

Reltated Equipment

Bulk Haul Trailer

Versatile Trailer for all your feed hauling needs.

Dump Trucks

Toughest dump trucks in the industry.

Water Trucks

Industry Leading product that lives up to its reputation.

Oil & Chemical Trucks

Ultimate oil field solutions.

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