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  • Drop Deck Trailer

    The Ledwell Drop Deck Feed Trailer is perfect for those needing to haul a substantial amount of feed, wood pellets, or other material. There is a slight drop in the frame located at the front of the trailer creating a lower center of gravity.

    Our Drop Deck Bulk Feed Trailer is available with a choice between a Drag Chain or Auger bottom, both offer consistency and quick delivery. The Drop Deck Feed Trailer comes equipped with our signature Ledwell Torque Converter System designed to prevent overheating and reduce maintenance needs.

  • Flatbed Dump

    Flatbed dumps are ideal for loading and transporting heavy or odd-shaped loads and can be used for light to heavy duty applications. With removable sideboards, this dump allows for greater load flexibility and security

  • Flatbed Trucks

    Ledwell Flatbed Trucks allow you to deliver anything from pallets of material to odd shaped equipment. Our Flatbed Trucks come in a variety of lengths with multiple options including a forklift package to allow maximum loading and unloading efficiency. Ledwell Flatbed Trucks are custom built to fit with your choice of chassis, you can count on Ledwell for a solution with you in mind.

  • Heavy Duty Rollback

    Heavy Duty Hauling Solutions To Boost Durability And Value

    Ledwell boasts a versatile selection of Heavy-Duty Rollback trucks for productive heavy-duty hauling. We build our Roll Back trucks using high-strength steel that makes hauling a more durable process.

    One popular option from our inventory is our Hybrid Rollback Truck, which features a double-acting pair of hydraulic cylinders to control the bed’s movement and makes for easier loading or unloading on uneven ground.

    Our customers know they can depend on Heavy Duty Rollback Trucks day in and day out because our Rollbacks are unrivaled in ruggedness and reliability.

  • Large Capacity Dump

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  • Lube Buddy Max

    Cut down service time by taking your fuel and lube service directly to your work-site. Load the Ledwell Lube “Buddy” Max to your flatbed truck or unload it on the ground or a platform at the job site. Unload the skid and this flexible, free-standing unit creates a temporary service center that can move with your equipment.

    This singular service unit will make your job progress more efficiently and offer convenience for you and your crew. The Ledwell Lube “Buddy” Max is a skid mounted, self-contained fuel and lube service center. Convert your medium duty flatbed truck from a delivery truck to a service truck using a forklift and loading the service skid onto the truck bed.



  • Lumber Dump

    If you haul lumber, you won’t find a more reliable bed than Ledwell’s Lumber Bed. Whether you are hauling a pallet of plywood or material to build a house, this tough lumber dump truck bed will safely get the job done.

  • Machinery Moving Rollback

    When you need the ultimate strength in your rollback equipment, Ledwell’s Machinery Moving Rollback has you covered. With operations indistinguishable from our Medium and Heavy Duty Rollbacks, it is easy to use and designed with you in mind. This equipment is manufactured using the toughest steel to ensure dependability and longevity, no matter the load. Ledwell has the capabilities to customize your equipment to fit your specific needs.

  • Medium Duty Rollback

    The Ledwell Medium-Duty Rollback is a multi-purpose piece of equipment that can benefit every fleet. Our Rollback Truck is known for its excellent quality and longevity.

    A popular option is our Hybrid Rollback that features a double acting pair of hydraulic cylinders to control the movement of the bed. Both types of the Medium-Duty Rollback are available in various lengths and widths to suit your specific hauling needs.

  • Paddle Wagon Trailer

    When you’re looking to deliver large amounts of feed or wood pellets to your customers, the Ledwell Paddle Wagon Feed Trailer gets the job done. Our Paddle Wagon Delivery System can expertly deliver any type of pellets while preserving pellet quality.

    When you’re looking for a consistently reliable bulk haul feed trailer, the Ledwell Paddle Wagon Feed Trailer is for you.

  • Paddle Wagon Truck

    Our go to bulk feed truck, the Paddle Wagon Truck, has decades of road testing, and is capable of delivering bulk material to various types of stock. The Paddle Wagon Bulk Haul System can efficiently deliver any type of wood pellet, feed, including range cubes, or other material. This bulk feed truck can be mounted on the chassis of your choice to create the perfect solution for your business.

  • Service Truck

    We have the ability to incorporate almost any equipment that you desire to fit your exact job requirements. Ledwell can build for full service ability which includes everything from a standard Mechanic’s Truck to a large Fuel & Lube Truck. We stock a large inventory of chassis to mate the proper truck with your Ledwell body. We are truly a one stop shop for your service needs.