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  • Cylinder

    Telescopic Cylinder For 5/6 Yard Box Dump

    Part Number: 27-1839-0001S

  • Cylinder

    Telescopic Cylinder For 12/14 Yard Box Dump

    Part Number: 27-1839-0002S

  • Cylinder – Boom Lift

    Auger Discharge Boom Lift Cylinder

    Part Number: L4L20

  • Cylinder – H Lock

    HydraTail H-Lock Cylinder 3″ Bore x 5.5″ Stroke

    Perimeter Beam HydraTail Trailers

    Part Number: L3L5.5

  • Cylinder – HydraTail Fold

    HydraTail Fold Cylinder 5″ Bore X 12.5″ Stroke

    Part Number: L5L12.5

  • Cylinder – Tail Lift

    HydraTail – 17.5″ wheels – Tail Lift

    Part Number: L5L14.5

  • Cylinder – Tail Lock

    Hydratail Tail Lock Cylinder 2″ Bore X 4″ Stroke

    Part Number: L2L4

  • 10-Micron Absolute Filter

    Hydraulic Filter for Hydraulic Tank On Severe Duty Cooler

    Fully Interchangeable With Any Ledwell Severe Duty Cooler Model.

    Part Number: 27-1484-0007

  • Filter Element

    Hydraulic Tank On Severe Duty Cooler

    Part Number: 27-1484-0006

  • Flow Control Valve

    51-3/4 Flow Control Valve for Feedbody

    Part Number: 27-0609-0002

  • High Pressure Hydraulic Pump

    Tandem O-Ring Port 1″-15T Spline Shaft

    For use with high output applications and for pressures below 3,000 psi

    Part Number: 27-0103-0015

  • High Pressure Relief Valve

    Hydraulic Relief Valve Cartridge with screwdriver slot on top

    Part Number: 27-0601-0006