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  • Cylinder – Tail Lock

    Hydratail Tail Lock Cylinder 2″ Bore X 4″ Stroke

    Part Number: L2L4

  • Decal Kit – HydraTail Trailer

    Hydratail Decal Kit

    Part Number: 28-0199-0001

  • Landing Gear Handle – Hydratail Trailer

    19″ Long Crank Handle Landing Gear

    Part Number: XAV9011

  • Remote Kit – Hydratail Trailer

    Remote Transmitter and Receiver

    Part Number: 91569

  • Seal Kit – 4″

    4″ Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit

    Part Number: L4LK

  • Seal Kit – 5″

    5″ Hydraulic Cylinder

    Part Number: L5LK

  • Self Contained Unit

    Hydraulic Wet Kit for HydraTail Trailer

    18HP gas engine with electric start
    15 GPM hydraulic pump
    Return filter
    Pressure hose – female FD56 QD
    Return hose – female FD56 QD
    Fuel tank – 8 gallons
    Hydraulic oil tank – 33 gallons

    Part Number: 27-3001-001

  • Tail Linkage – Hydratail Trailer

    HT Trailer Folding Tail Linkage Assembly

    Part Number: L030107

  • Tail Stowed Warning System

    Dual LED lights illuminate and backup alarm sounds when PTO engaged until tail rests firmly on ground.

    Part Number: 26-2099-0001

  • Traction Kit – Black

    Traction sand, adherent and roller

    Part Number: LTB1

  • Traction Kit – Yellow

    Traction sand, adherent and roller

    Part Number: LTY1

  • Valve Actuator

    Remotely activates air valve

    Part Number: AC12014