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When Josh Deaton left his job as a structural welder at a paper mill seven years ago, he knew he had a lot to learn–but he was ready for the challenge.

“Currently, I weld aluminum feed trailers,” he said. “That is a whole other world to what I was doing before, and would never have learned that if I hadn’t started working at Ledwell.”

Ledwell Employee Spotlight for July 2021

One of his favorite projects over the years has been a Low Center of Gravity Feed Trailer. This particular feed trailer was very unique. It included a self-contained motor on the front and a vacuum reclaimer at the rear. 

“I think I enjoyed this one so much because of how it needed to be built,” Josh said. “The front had a lot of structure and was similar to what I have welded in the past.”

Josh said his wife of six years, Christina, inspired him to get into welding. 

“She made me a better person,” he said. 

The two have a son and daughter, and the family enjoys hiking in the mountains and sitting on the porch swing.

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